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Manhattan College Receives Mentoring Grant

Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY has received a grant to continue its work mentoring disadvantaged high school students.

The Teagle Foundation, a national advocate of change in higher education through undergraduate opportunities in the arts and sciences, awarded the $270,000 grant to Manhattan and the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center (KHCC) to continue their joint Young Scholars Immersion Program. The program provides year-round personal mentoring and enrichment opportunities to motivated but disadvantaged students, encouraging them to work toward college.

It is now in its fourth year and has expanded to include on-campus visits for high school students, writing and study workshops at KHCC, as well as constant support from trained Manhattan students through email, social media and Skype. Students in tenth grade and above can also participate in the Summer Literacy Institute, an on-campus clinic where students live in dorms, attend simulated university-level classes, take exams and learn about university social and learning environments.