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Martin de Porres Schools Change Location

At the opening of the 2012-2013 school year in New York City, the high schools, and the elementary and middle schools of the Martin de Porres organization will begin classes in other buildings. The high school division, formerly located in two buildings, will unite in the former Stella Maris High School located in Rockaway Park, Queens. The elementary and middle school will relocate to the former parish school of St. Boniface, Elmont, in Nassau County.

These movements are part of the historic fabric of this crucial ministry to the “last, the least, and the lost” in metropolitan New York. This foundation grew from the mix of “crying need” and “landed interest.” These were first addressed in the, then, Mater Christi Diocesan High School in Astoria, Queens, New York City. Movement of location and ministry to care for larger numbers of children requiring more devoted and qualified staff has necessarily been part of the growth of this ministry. This year – 2012 – marks the 40th year of existence of this deeply Lasallian ministry. During those years there has been both physical movement as well as intellectual and therapeutic development.

The Brothers of North Eastern America who are familiar with the geography of New York City know very well the uniqueness of the Rockaway Peninsula. The location of the now Stella Maris High School, which will become the Martin de Porres High School, is quite a change from the urban settings of previous locations. The location of St. Boniface in Elmont, Nassau County, will not affect the standing of Martin de Porres with the New York City Board of Education. Some School Districts in Nassau County now avail themselves of the special education of Martin de Porres.

The Lasallian Ministry of Martin de Porres now serves 450 young people, with a staff of 200 certified adults. (The ratio of adult to young person is required by The State of New York Administration of Special Education.) Please keep these children and their educators in your prayers.

-Submitted by Brother James Loxham