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May 1: Annual Religious Brothers Day

The second annual Religious Brothers Day will be celebrated on May 1, 2018, the day the universal Church celebrates the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker.

Religious Brothers Day offers an opportunity to celebrate and offer gratitude for the gift of religious brotherhood. For the Lasallian family, it is a chance to give thanks specifically for the De La Salle Christian Brothers, as well as inspire and invite young people to consider the Brothers’ vocation.

All are invited “to shed light on the identity of the Religious Brother and the value and necessity of this vocation” as called for in the Vatican document, “Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church.”

All are invited to share in promoting Religious Brothers Day in your local context and on social media, using the hashtag #religiousbrothersday.

Some other ideas to promote the day in an educational setting:

  • Offering specific prayers or a day of prayer for vocations to the consecrated life and Brothers vocation (a prayer service & prayer card are available as resources);
  • Vocation fair;
  • Classroom presentations on consecrated life and the Brothers vocation;
  • Showing vocation videos of Brothers vocation and life stories;
  • Specific invitations to young people who “would make a good Brother/Sister”;
  • A hand-written note or email of gratitude to a Brother you know.


Check out the vocation social media for the De La Salle Christian Brothers and share: