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New Circular Begins the Journey to the 45th General Chapter

The General Council of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools recently released a new circular designed as a continuation of Circular 461, “Associated for the Lasallian Mission…an Act of Hope.” Circular 466, “They will call themselves Brothers,” offers an opportunity for Brothers to reflect on their life and mission in the new context of working together and in association with lay colleagues. The circular addresses the reality of the Institute from the perspective of three priorities that were already present in the last General Chapter:

• The centrality of the Gospel in our lives and in our mission.
• Lasallian spirituality that unifies our being and our doing.
• The pastoral ministry of vocations, as the result of a fully realized life based on the Gospel.

Circular 466 is intended to be a source of inspiration and an instrument for personal and community reflection leading up to the next General Chapter in 2014.