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New Digital Journal of Lasallian Research Available

New Digital Journal of Lasallian ResearchThe 12th issue of the Digital Journal of Lasallian Research, titled “Learning Together, Teaching
Together, Creative Fidelity and Current Challenges” is now available. The journal features nine articles by an international group of Lasallian researchers on the question of the nature and evolution of Lasallian educational praxis in the 21st century.

Discussions in this most recent issue, include: how to understand the academic performance of the school system today; what decisions should be taken in response to the technological culture that surrounds us; what it means to opt for training in righteousness; how we can integrate the challenge of sustainability in our daily school experience; what it means to live in a democracy; what relationship school management has within the context of poverty; and how we begin our understanding of a dialogue between faith and culture in the school.

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