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New Lasallian Reflection Now Available

The Institute has released Lasallian Reflection 3, entitled “Lasallians Without Limits,” which is the Lasallian theme for the 2017-2018 liturgical year. The reflection focuses on the creation of sustainable communities and the radical changes in demographics and the environment. The reflection is divided into four sections titled: radical changes in demographics and the environment, citizens of the world and beyond its borders, going to new borders requires discernment, and a look at the present and the future. It encourages Lasallians to respond to these issues and offers questions for personal and community reflection.

Read the reflection through an interactive version or in a PDF >

Lasallian Reflection 3 is the third in a series of reflections that expand on the respective Lasallian liturgical year theme. The theme “Lasallians Without Limits” will begin December 3 with the start of Advent and the 2017-2018 liturgical year. The early release of Lasallian Reflection 3 allows Lasallians to begin planning how to incorporate and engage with the theme in ministries and communities. As more resources are developed, Christian Brothers Conference will offer a webpage of compiled resources.

After the 45th General Chapter, the Brother Superior and General Council developed themes through the year 2021 in the spirit of the Chapter. Each yearly theme supports the overall theme of “Living Together Our Joyful Mission.”

The theme for the current liturgical year is “One Call, Many Voices.” Learn more about that theme, read the reflection, and find resources here >