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New Retreat Book Offers Guide to Deepen Prayer Life at Home

Meditations for the Time of Retreat: A Lasallian Home Retreat, by Brother Vincent Pelletier, FSC, is now available for purchase and offers a home-based retreat to deepen one’s relationship with God and grow spiritually in one’s educational ministry. The book features Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s Meditations for the Time of Retreat coupled with Scripture passages to deepen the reflection of each meditation. Brother Vincent relies on his many years as a spiritual director and retreat leader to offer the retreatant guidance in the spiritual process and dialogue with the Lord before, during and following the retreat. While the book can be used for individual reflection, it also offers the opportunity for sharing the retreat as a community or group. 

Meditations for the Time of Retreat: A Lasallian Home Retreat, which includes space for journaling, is available in both hardback and soft cover. The hardback book can be purchased for $30 at The paperback is available through Saint Mary’s Press for $15.

This book is a project of the Lasallian Publications Committee, which formed in 2016 to encourage and organize new publications to help guide the maturation of the Lasallian charism for today and into the future.