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Outcomes of 2012 CTBB Assembly


Following five days of activities, prayer, reflection, and keynote speakers, the Called to Be Brothers Regional Assembly ended with an eye to the future. On the final day, Brothers broke into small groups and developed suggestions and recommendations for steps to take after the assembly. These discussions included the Partners and Lasallian Volunteers who joined the Brothers in the final days. The following are outcomes complied from those discussions which are being sent to District Leadership teams as consideration for local responses and action. The Regional Office will support the interest for prayer services and days of recollection during the Advent and Lenten seasons.

Community Life
     • Invite more people to share in community life through dinners,
       immersion, etc.
     • Desire for deeper relationships in community
     • Reaffirm the need for personal and communal prayer
     • Share in community our experience of God
     • Structure time for more communal meditation

Interior Life
interior life     • Leaving assembly with
       new or renewed energy
       for nourishing interior life
     • Need for a continued
       development of interior
       life in order to strengthen
     • Living our lives as
       Brothers with spiritual vitality and celebrating it in worship
     • Train Brothers and others interested in spiritual direction

Be Men of Hope
     • Remain faithful to our charism to affirm our call of being people who
       encourage ourselves and others by recognizing God’s loving presence
       in each one
     • We are assured by hope and let go of securities in order to live
       authentically our “Deep Story”
     • Have hope and find ways to put hope into action

     • Recognize and value the importance of building Regional relationships
     • Seize the moment to be the horizontal Church and reach out to all we
       encounter and serve
     • Visibility of the Brother is essential and encourages relationship-
     • Leadership/mentoring

Regional Gatherings
     • Repeat this gathering every five years to share the invigorating support
       of the large group

Going Forward
     • More support from Brothers for Lasallian association groups
     • More web presence
     • Display quotations from the Founder around school
CTBL     • Spread this wonderful
        idea with “Called to be
     • Possible next topic for
       future CTBB: “How are
       we being called to be
       Brothers – today and
     • How do the Lasallians of
       RELAN discern and respond to the signs of the times and follow the
       will of God?
     • What are our Partners’ responsibilities for their own ongoing