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Outcomes of the General Council Meeting in June


The second General Council meeting this year was held at the Generalate in June. The General Council worked to finalize the Circular on Association, which will give an overview of the Institute’s understanding of association today and offer ways for the Districts and Regions to foster association. It is scheduled for release in mid-September.

The General Council also looked into some areas of the Institute which are becoming fragile because of the diminishment or aging of Brothers, and will explore strategies to address this concern.

The more efficient use of the Generalate in the future was also examined. A study will be undertaken to determine the best use for the various buildings. The findings will be presented to the Institute representatives in the Inter-Capitular Meeting in March, 2011 for final decision by the General Chapter. Any inquiries should be made to the Vicar General who is the spokesperson for this study.

As the mid-point of the mandate of the Superior and General Council approaches, the General Council will evaluate its work so far and look carefully at what can be accomplished in the remaining three-and-a-half years of their term.

News from the General Council