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Pakistan Flood Recovery Update

Superior General Brother Álvaro Rodríguez Echeverría and General Councilor Brother David Hawke of the Pacific-Asia Regional Conference recently traveled to Pakistan for a six-day visit to express solidarity with Lasallians and their neighbors who suffered from the devastating floods.

Together with Brother Shahzad George Gill, President of the Delegation of Pakistan, they visited almost all of the Brothers’ communities in Pakistan, except in Karachi because of the danger of violence. They met with Brothers, visited Lasallian ministries, and witnessed the destruction caused by torrential rains to many homes.

While the Brothers’ communities and schools suffered little or no damage, they are helping their neighbors to rebuild their homes and repair their farm fields. To offer immediate assistance, the Superior General and the District of Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea sent emergency aid. Lasallians in Pakistan organized a flood relief effort in early September with volunteers from Lasallian schools which provided more than 525 families with food, beds, and bedding items.

Lasallians worldwide are asked to donate money for the continuing relief effort in Pakistan. Some early donations have already been sent to more than 400 farmers for their planting season. Since the planting season ends in mid-November, this help was quickly needed. More than 90 percent of the flood victims live off agriculture.

SECOLI, which is based at the Generalate in Rome, has launched a campaign to raise $190,920 to build and fix houses and reclaim farmland. Please send your donation by check or wire transfer.

The Brothers in Pakistan are teachers and administrators in high schools, colleges, primary schools, a catechists training center, and adult literary schools. They also supervise schools for children in slum areas, run a boarding school for displaced children, and work with substance abusers. Nineteen Brothers work in Pakistan, including 11 native to Pakistan, one American, two Irish, and five Sri Lankans. Two native Brothers are attending the Novitiate in the Philippines.