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Prayer for the Beatification of Venerable Brother Adolphe Chatillon

Eternal and omnipotent God, you have considerable fondness for the humble and the modest, favorably accept the prayers which we direct for the beatification of Venerable Brother Adolphe Chatillon.

If it is your will and for your greater glory, grant us the favor that we ask of you through his intercession (name the favor requested) and please, hasten the day when we will be permitted to publicly honor this apostle of the Heart of Jesus and of the Virgin Mary.


—(Authorized by the  Archbishop of Montreal, N.P. 2/1995)

Brother Adolphe Chatillon was proclaimed venerable by Pope Benedict XVI in 2011. The cause for his canonization continues.

Order Under Mary’s Star by Gilles Beaudet, FSC (2012; 26 pp.), a booklet about the life of Brother Adolphe Chatillon, FSC, and his deep devotion to Mary.