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Prayers for Sudan

Solidarity with South SudanMembers of religious congregations that comprise Solidarity with South Sudan, including the Brothers of the Christian Schools, are requesting prayers during an outbreak of violence between government loyalist and rebels that started December 15, 2013.

On December 24, South Sudan bishops released an appeal calling for a unilateral Christmas ceasefire in South Sudan. In the appeal, they denounced the violence and called for political disputes to be resolved through negotiations and non-violent means. They also offered assistance to bring about peace and reconciliation. They hoped a call for a Christmas ceasefire would allow for safe celebrations and present a chance to start fresh. However, the violence continues.

Brothers have been involved in teacher training at various centers since 2007 as part of Solidarity with South Sudan, which is a consortium of more than 200 religious congregations that trains teachers, nurses, and pastoral personnel in several locations throughout South Sudan.