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RELAN Bulletin Now Available

The Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) is featured in Bulletin 260, the latest publication of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Created by RELAN, Bulletin 260 offers insight into the history, current realities and future of the Region. The Bulletin has been issued periodically since 1907 on a theme of current interest and relevance throughout the Institute and Lasallian mission.

As with the other four Regions of the Institute, RELAN was commissioned to publish a Bulletin following the Superior General’s pastoral visit. The COVID-19 pandemic changed those plans, with visits to the District of Francophone Canada and the District of Eastern North America (DENA) completed prior to the pandemic. As the pastoral visit began in the District of San Francisco New Orleans (SFNO) in March 2020, to be followed by a visit to the Midwest District, COVID-19 concerns began to intensify, and the visit was postponed and eventually canceled.

Bulletin 260 tells the story of RELAN as the Region lives into the realities of a world altered by the pandemic. The 100-page document provides insight into the Region’s history, strengths, innovations and challenges, along with a snapshot of life at the complicated moment in time during which this Bulletin was written. The Bulletin highlights the Region’s vitality, sustainability and resilience through exploring a variety of themes that bring the mission to life, including association for mission, shared leadership, evangelization, beyond the borders, culture of vocation, formation, Brothers, Young Lasallians and vitality and sustainability.

The publication includes an introduction to the Region (pages 2-5), a timeline (pages 6-11) and highlights from the Region and each District following the noted themes: RELAN (pages 12-29), Francophone Canada (pages 30-45), DENA (pages 46-61), SFNO (pages 62-77) and Midwest (pages 78-93).

This Institute publication is available in English, French and Spanish on Follow the international and Regional social media channels and search #RELANBulletin260 for highlights from the publication. On Facebook, follow @lasalleorg and @LasallianRELAN; on Twitter, follow @lasalleorg and @Lasallian_RELAN; and on Instagram, follow @lasalleorg.

In the months ahead, the Regional Communications Team (RCT), which consists of communications personnel from the Region and Districts, will share resources with ideas on how to utilize the Bulletin for education and formation in various settings.

Bulletin 260 Executive Editor Elizabeth Moors Jodice wishes to thank RCT members Bob Carrejo (SFNO), Denis de Villers (Francophone Canada), Phil De Rita (DENA) and Dave Genders (Midwest), along with District leadership, for their support and contributions to the publication. Gratitude is also extended to Brother Timothy Coldwell, FSC, RELAN General Councilor, for his guidance throughout the entire Bulletin process and to the Institute Communications Service. See pages 96-97 for a full list of contributors, without whom this publication would not have been possible.