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RELAN Schools Hold Twinning Fundraisers

This Lenten season, RELAN schools are getting creative as they collect donations for their twin schools in the Lwanga District in Africa. Twinning is a Regional initiative that pairs each Lasallian school in RELAN with a Lasallian school in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, or Nigeria. Financial contributions help support African students in need by covering costs for tuition, teacher salaries, building/maintenance expenses, and the purchase of books and other supplies, along with board and lodging. Twinning provides a unique opportunity for Lasallian students in North America to unite with our brothers and sisters in Africa, while living the Lasallian mission to educate young people who are economically poor and disadvantaged.

Send stories and pictures of your fundraising efforts to

Christian Brothers Academy
Syracuse, NY
CBA is collecting shoes, sneakers and boots, which it sells to a company that cleans the shoes and distributes the footwear in developing countries. Christian Brothers Academy sends the money it raises to Child Discovery Centre in Nakuru, Kenya. The Post-Standard published this story about CBA’s efforts.

Christian Brothers High School
Sacramento, CA
A Family Dance held in January at Christian Brothers High School raised $4,825 for St. John Baptist de La Salle School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Families enjoyed desserts and dancing at the event, which had the theme of “A Pirate’s Life for Me.”


De La Salle High School
Concord, CA
Students  are donating change in a competition between classes to raise money for Nativity School in Shinara Village, Eritrea, and other charitable causes. It runs Ash Wednesday through March 26.

La Salle Academy
Providence, RI
La Salle is gathering donations for Rongai Agricultural and Technical School in Rongai, Kenya through homeroom collections, faculty/staff lunches, and a new “Hunger Banquet” where students were randomly given color-coded tickets that determined how much food they received—from a full meal off of plates to rice and water to be eaten on floor—to demonstrate variations throughout the world. Within a few minutes of receiving the meals, the students with the full plates shared their food with the students on the floor. Read more here >

Montini Catholic High School
Lombard, IL
Montini collected more than $500 for Besrate Gabriel School in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia during a two-week fundraiser. Students contributed coins before school and during lunch periods for the Penny War competition. The senior class won the competition.


Mullen High School
Denver, CO
Mullen hosts several fundraisers for St. John Baptist de La Salle School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, including “Holy Week Simplicity Meals” of rice, beans and a tortilla which students and faculty purchase for $5.00. Proceeds are sent to Mullen’s twin school along with donations from Penny Wars, collections and bake sales.

Saint Paul’s School
Covington, LA
Saint Paul’s School holds a mission collection every Wednesday to support the needs of students at St. Paul’s Secondary School in Marsabit, Kenya. Students collect money from classes and count the donations.



Click here to learn more about twinning and the schools served, along with finding resources to help with fundraisers.

Twinning allows us to make unity amidst diversity
a lived reality in our schools.

—Bro. Robert Schieler, General Councilor