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Sangre de Cristo to Close in August

The Sangre de Cristo Center for Spiritual Renewal will close in August 2012 following the 100th session that will begin January 30, 2012.

Located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains just north of Santa Fe, NM, the Center is a place of renewal, refoundation and rediscovery for religious and priests. The Center initially opened in 1962 to provide a continuing formation experience for the De La Salle Brothers in their mid-years. Since then the 100-day program has served thousands of religious and priests on their inner and outward journeys as they seek to refresh themselves in service to Jesus and the Gospel.

However, significant demographic changes in the age and number of religious and priests has greatly affected enrollment in recent years, subsequently causing financial challenges. This, plus the realization that the mission has been accomplished all led to the decision to close.

The Center will hold a 50th anniversary celebration in April 2012 in thanksgiving for the ministry and for all those who made it possible.