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Superior General Releases Message for United Nations’ World Children’s Day

Brother Superior General Robert Schieler, FSC, has released a message for the United Nations’ World Children’s Day. The message encourages Lasallians to keep improving the welfare for all children worldwide. Brother Robert writes, “I encourage you to keep searching for creative ways to ensure the educational rights of all children, especially girls.” In 2019 the Secretariat for Solidarity and Development promoted an advocacy letter “The Road to Gender Equality Begins with Girls’ Education,” which was endorsed by 35 Lasallian organizations worldwide.

Read the full message from Brother Superior General >

The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted by the General Assembly on November 20, 1959, and subsequently approved the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child on November 20, 1989.  

In November 2011, the General Councilor and Visitors of the Region signed a statement advocating for the promotion and protection of the rights of children and committing themselves to helping children achieve their full human dignity.