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The District of Eastern North America is Officially Established


DENA logoThe approval by the Institute’s General Council of the creation of the District of Eastern North America on September 9, marked the official establishment of this new District in the USAT Region. At the same time, the structures in Districts of Baltimore, Long-Island-New England and New York ceased operations and their members, partners and ministries have come together to build a firm foundation for DENA.

“The fundamental motivation for taking this action,” states DENA Visitor Brother Dennis Malloy, “was the choice for new life: together and in association with our Partners, to revitalize our mission of education and evangelization to young people, especially those who are from challenging economic circumstances; for the renewal of our lives as Religious men; and for the future of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in Eastern North America.”

In the official notification from Rome, Superior General Brother Alvaro Echeverria writes, “Restructuring creates a new Exodus that allows us to catch a glimpse of the Promised Land; it launches us toward a horizon of open creativity to flexible diverse new forms; it takes us out of our routine lives and opens us to new opportunities of educational service both within the boundaries of the new District and borders beyond.”

This is a joyous moment for our Region as we move forward in this new chapter of our history toward the fulfillment of the Lasallian mission.