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The Lasallian mission touches the hearts of students by providing inclusive, faith-filled communities led by dedicated educators who are attentive to the needs of students. It is in these environments where students – and educators – share in transformative experiences that prepare them for life, work and service.

Connecting with Lasallians in Africa

Elliot Gray, a teacher at Mullen High School in Denver, Colorado, strongly embraces the Lasallian value of serving the poor and marginalized. When he first heard that Mullen had a “twin school” in Africa, he wanted to learn more. One thing led to another, which resulted in Elliot and a fellow educator taking 14 Mullen students to visit Lasallian ministries in Ethiopia. For Elliot, it was important to show his students the injustices and struggles faced by those in the Ethiopian ministries, while helping them understand the similarities the students share.
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Planting the Seeds of Service

Students at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Winona are digging deep into service learning by working in the school’s community garden. Not only are they learning how to cultivate a bountiful garden, they’re also donating much of their harvest to a local food pantry to fight hunger and raising awareness in the school community about food scarcity and healthy dietary practices.
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From Crack to Calculus

When he arrived at St. Gabriel’s Hall in Audubon, Pennsylvania, Quamiir Trice was in handcuffs. Arrested for dealing crack, the 15-year-old had been sent to the residential treatment program where he found a safe space to confront his rage, frustration and grief, and turn his life around. Nine years later, Quamiir returned to St. Gabriel’s – this time, as a certified educator – ready to give back by teaching summer school math.
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Community Comes Together for Sick Toddler

When it came to the attention of Centre Lasallien Saint-Michel in Montréal, Québec, that a young child in the community was suffering from a unique heart condition and needed a heart transplant, the organization jumped into action. CEO Paul Evra (pictured with the child and mother) and the Lasallian community organized a fundraiser to ease the financial stress of two-year-old Kayden’s family. Together, in a time of immense hardship, Centre Lasallien Saint-Michel and Kayden’s family shared in the joy of a community coming together for a young boy in need.