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Nativity School, Shinara Village, Eritrea

Headmaster: Brother Menghistu O/Michael, FSC

Nativity School is located in Shinara Village, Eritrea, nine kilometers (approximately 5.5 miles) from Keren between the Blin and Tigre pastoral communities. It was founded in 1961, and the Christian Brothers took responsibility for the school in 1982 when it was solely an elementary school. They expanded it to a junior secondary school in 1993. Today, it serves a total of 447 students with a staff of three Brothers, one priest, 14 lay teachers (eight men and six women), one guard and two cleaners. All students come from financially poor families with an average of six children. Typically only two or three of the six children have the opportunity to attend school because parents can’t afford the school fees, uniforms, books and other expenses. Learn more about Nativity School >

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