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General Councilor

Brother Chris Patiño, FSC, a Brother of the San Francisco New Orleans District (SFNO), was elected General Councilor on May 20, 2022, at the 46th General Chapter. He is a graduate of Cathedral High School in Los Angeles, California, and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona in Tucson and a master’s in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois. He received the habit of the Brothers in 2007 and pronounced final vows in 2013. Brother Chris began his teaching career in 2004 as a Brother aspirant and founding faculty member at San Miguel High School in Tucson, Arizona, and later served at his alma mater, Cathedral High School. He was also instrumental in founding the Lasallians Without Borders initiative of the Districts of SFNO and Mexico Norte. In 2015, Brother Chris was appointed SFNO Director for Vocation Ministry. In this role, he has been an active and influential presence in numerous national religious vocation organizations and events.

Pictured at top, from left: Brothers Armin Luistro (Superior General), Chris Patiño, Anatole Diretenadji, Martin Digilio, Carlos Gabriel Gómez Restrepo (Vicar General) and Ricky Laguda. Not pictured: Brother Joël Palud.

Brother Timothy Coldwell, FSC, served as General Councilor for RELAN from 2014-2022. Read his reflections below, including from the 46th General Chapter.

Reflections by Brother Tim

#FSC46GC | April 30 | Reflection by Brother Timothy Coldwell, FSC

Today is the birthday of John Baptist de La Salle. Born in 1651, this man lived an extraordinary life. He lived a saintly life, which is to say a life

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Blow Out the Candle

When someone is feeling blue, disappointed or needs a boost, we may offer some encouraging words like, “Hang in there,” or “I’ve got your back.” Across cultures, I’ve come across

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The Source

Journey is a familiar motif for us. Life is a journey, as is high school, marriage, wilderness hiking, and so on. And the preeminent spiritual motif is the Paschal journey,

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As much as I get on my soapbox about silence and solitude, I spend my waking hours immersed in words and the noise they create. I swim in an ocean

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The Deepest Thing in Another

The Quaker philosopher and educator, Douglas Van Steere (d. 1995), tells the story of the Jewish philosopher and educator, Martin Buber (d. 1965), who broke the silence at a Quaker

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Come, Lord Jesus!

In our community oratory on a recent evening I lit three candles, signifying the third week of our Advent journey, an inner journey of discovery that I am thrilled to

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Navigating Differences with Grace

The reality of the virus, whose name is now a household word, continues to teach us many lessons. We are learning first-hand what advantages virtual interaction is bringing us, just

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What’s Done is Finished: A Time to Recharge

Each academic year the colleges and universities are the first to hold graduations, a ritual that signals the end of an academic year. The secondary schools soon follow and then

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April 7, the death date for John Baptist de La Salle, set by the church community as the day for the memorial of this saint, often gets overlooked because it occurs in Lent or in

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Rekindling the Art of Conversation

There are increasing signs that we can return in person and in numbers with more regularity to that sacred ground we call school. Our students are leaving their “bunkers and

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