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Connecting with Twinned Ministries

As coronavirus spreads throughout the world, we hold in prayer our Lasallian brothers and sisters in our twinned ministries in the Lwanga District of Africa. We have been in touch with Brother Ghebreyesus Habte, FSC, Lwanga District Visitor, and a number of our twinned ministries. As of April 2, there were no reports of Brothers, educators or students who have become ill. All ministries are closed. This document offers updates from individual ministries > 

Twinned ministries in Lwanga are praying for Lasallians in their twinned ministries in the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN). Several Lwanga principals have been in contact and asked about the health and safety of Lasallians in RELAN. Mount La Salle College in Naka, Nigeria, offered a prayer for this pandemic.

Twinning is an initiative that pairs middle and secondary schools in RELAN with 14 ministries in four countries in the Lwanga District of Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, Eritrea and Ethiopia. While the RELAN schools help support the Lwanga ministries financially, the students also build relationships as brothers and sisters in the Lasallian family to share challenges, accomplishments, stories and experiences. Learn more about twinning >