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Johnston Institute (Midwest)

La Salle Manor 12480 Galena Road, Plano

The second meeting of the fourth cohort of the Brother John Johnston Institute of Contemporary Lasallian Practice will take place October 20-22, 2022, at La Salle Manor Retreat Center in […]

International Lasallian Days for Peace (ILDP) Ends

The 2022 International Lasallian Days for Peace (ILDP) began on September 21 (the United Nations’ sanctioned International Day of Peace) runs through October 21, 2022. Learn more about the theme […]


Blessed Nicolas Barré

Nicolas Barré was born October 21, 1621, in Amiens, France. In 1641, he joined the Minim Order of St. Francis of Paola, where he taught philosophy while still remaining a deacon. After becoming a priest in 1645, he became a professor of theology and librarian. After falling ill, he moved to a convent in Amiens and later to Rouen. While he was there, […]