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International Mission Assembly: May 5-17, 2013

Lasallian Pedagogy
Dr. Roxanne Eubank
Dr. William Hudson
Ms. Janell Kloosterman
Mr. James Logan
Ms. Heather Ruple (Chair)

Evangelization and Pastoral Ministry   
Brother Michael French
Mr. Charles Legendre
Ms. Maryann Donohue-Lynch
Dr. Margaret McCarty (Chair)
Brother Frederick Mueller
Ms. Emily Vogel

Educational Community
Ms. Catherine Dery
Brother James Joost
Ms. Alisa Macksey (Chair)
Ms. Janet Ruggiero
Mr. Denis de Villers
Mr. Alan Weyland

Greg Kopra and Brother Charlie Kitson are members of the Preparatory Commission since they serve on the Lasallian Family and Association International Council.

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Lasallians from around the Institute will gather at the Generalate in Rome May 5-17, 2013 for the second International Mission Assembly. With the theme “One Family, One Mission: Lasallians Associated for the Educational Service of the Poor,” the purpose is to establish an authentic means of collaboration and direction for the worldwide Lasallian Mission. Outcomes of the assembly will be presented at the 45th General Chapter in 2014.

The assembly will have 140 delegates with representatives from each of the five Regions based on the number of students in schools and ministries of each Region. RELAN will send 20 delegates who are divided into thematic groups as listed below. The group held its initial preparation meeting in July 2012.