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Spring Issue of De La Salle Today Now Available 

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The latest issue of De La Salle Today is now available! This issue explores the Lasallian theme for the 2022-2023 liturgical year, “Lasallian DNA: What Drives Us to Serve,” and the Lasallian identity that fuels that drive. 


The issue starts by introducing the Leavening Project, a new initiative developed by the Superior General and General Council to encourage us to see new ways to serve young people on the peripheries. The story highlights a few examples of ministries throughout the Lasallian Region of North America that are actively being the leaven. Learn more about the Leavening Project > 



Next, you’ll meet Johnny Kue, a lifelong Lasallian whose drive to serve started when he was a student at the San Miguel School of Providence. Thirty years later, he is now serving in the school where his journey began.



Then, we highlight boards of trustees. These typically behind-the-scenes leaders are responsible for ensuring the Lasallian mission in their ministries. Through a Q&A, you’ll find out why they serve, how formation helps them embrace the mission, what challenges Lasallian schools face and more. 


Continuing our new story series of showing how the mission is lived throughout generations, you’ll meet three educators from the District of San Francisco New Orleans who each started their Lasallian journey as students and can each point to one specific person who accompanied them along the way. 


We end our issue marking the 80th anniversary of Lasallian Educational and Research Initiatives (LERI). Started as Saint Mary’s Press in 1943, see how the organization has grown while staying true to its Lasallian roots. 



The Lasallian Essentials highlights Identity Criteria for the Vitality of Lasallian Educational Ministries, a publication of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools that defines characteristics of Lasallian education and offers assessments to ensure your ministry has a strong Lasallian identity. You can read past installments of Lasallian Essentials on our website, which has covered Lasallian Formation for Mission: The Pilgrim’s Handbook, Bulletin 260, the Declaration on the Lasallian Educational Mission: Challenges, Convictions and Hopes and Circular 475, From Hope to Commitment: Understanding Lasallian Vocations. 


We hope you enjoy this spring issue and that it invites you think about the question: What drives you to serve? Printed copies are being mailed. For now, please enjoy this interactive version or download the PDF

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