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Brother Christopher Foley, RIP

Brother Christopher Foley, FSC, of the New York District passed away on April 27, 2009. Please pray for his eternal rest.

TOUR OF DUTY:                

1943  St. Jerome, New York

1944  Lincoln Hall, Lincolndale, Prefect

1951  La Salle School, Albany, Prefect

1953  St. Joseph, Detroit, Sub-Director

1958  Mother House, Rome, Second Novitiate

1959  St. Bernard High School, New York, Director

1962 La Salle School, Albany, Director

1968 Paramus Catholic High School

1969  Lincoln Hall, Lincolndale, Director

1977  St. Raymond, Bronx, Director/Principal

1981  La Salle Academy, Principal

1987  St. John Bosco, Jamaica, West Indies

1988  Alpha Boys’ School, Kingston, Jamaica

1989  St. Raymond, Bronx

2008  De La Salle Hall, Lincroft, New Jersey