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General Council Visits PARC

PARC meeting

Meeting of the Superior General and the General Council with PARC
at the Stella Maris Retreat Centre in Penang, Malaysia.

Superior General Brother Álvaro Rodríguez Echeverría and members of the General Council recently completed their formal visit to the Pacific-Asia Regional Conference (PARC).

The PARC meeting took place from November 15-19 at the Stella Maris Retreat Centre in Penang, Malaysia. It included a report on the preparation for creating the new District called the Lasallian East Asia District (LEAD) beginning May 15, 2011. They also discussed the current position on the intention of developing the Lasallian Mission in China.

Prior to the meeting, the Superior General, together with PARC General Councilor Brother David Hawke, visited several of countries that comprise the Region, including Japan, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. During those stops they visited with Brothers and students, toured Lasallian facilities, participated in anniversary celebrations, took part in ceremonies, and more.

The General Council makes one formal visit to each Region of the Institute during its seven-year mandate. During the visit, the Superior General and General Council meet with Provincial Visitors for an informal evaluation of how the Districts are accomplishing the decisions and lines of action of the General Chapter and offer commendations and recommendations regarding the how the Lasallian Mission is lived in the Region. The visit to the USAT Region is scheduled in April and November 2011.