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LASSCA Continues with Engaging Sessions on Day Three (Tuesday)

The LASSCA Conference continued on its third day Tuesday, February 24 with a speaker, a round of breakout sessions, multiple forums, District meetings, and a group dinner in Old Town San Diego.

Sean CallahanAfter breakfast and prayer, the final general session was delivered by Sean Callahan, chief operating officer for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Entitled “How to Train a Dragon: Harnessing the Energy and the “Unknown” in a High Velocity World,” Callahan discussed leadership techniques for engaging employees and uniting efforts to enhance education for tomorrow’s international leaders, how to maintain culture and charism while embracing change and stimulating innovation, how to convert challenges to strengths, and how to be Church in the time of Pope Francis.

Callahan explained that administrators need to invest in their teachers and work toward transforming lives and molding “students who are led to cultivate a natural boldness, sense of adventure, and power of the imagination, discovering the creativity and boldness of presence of God in the world around them.”

Breakout SessionCallahan’s presentation paved way to a full morning of enlightening breakout sessions. The sessions focused on a variety of topics, including finding happiness in life and work, lessons in effective and creative strategic thinking, a pragmatic guide to improving a school’s financial IQ, the Lasallian Educational Access Platform (LEAP), and a panel presentation on how to collaborate to ensure mission integrity with local leadership.

The morning finished with the presidents’, principals’ and board members’ forums, which were followed by District meetings in the afternoon.

Fiesta de ReyesThe evening concluded with a special group dinner at Fiesta de Reyes in Old Town San Diego where LASSCA participants enjoyed spending some casual time together.

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