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RCCB Invites Partners as Members 

The Regional Conference of Christian Brothers (RCCB) has invited four Lasallian Partners to join the leadership group, marking the first time that the membership has not been all Brothers. Traditionally, RCCB members have been Visitors and Auxiliary Visitors. This change took effect at the October 2023 meeting in Québec.  

In line with the 46th General Chapter’s call to renew structures for the future, the RCCB decided to add members who serve in District leadership roles focused on educational mission work. Four Partners currently hold those positions and are now members of the RCCB: Jim Logan, director of the office for mission and ministry in the District of Eastern North America; Scott Kier, superintendent of Lasallian education in the Midwest District; Mike Daniels, director of the office of education in the District of San Francisco New Orleans; and Denis de Villers, communications specialist / formator in the District of Francophone Canada. Brother Michael Fehrenbach, FSC, Midwest District Visitor and RCCB moderator, highlighted a few points in their decision to expand RCCB membership. 

“First, the 46th General Chapter asked us to reimagine governance and to experiment – much as the leadership in Rome is doing,” explained Brother Michael. “Second, these Partners are directly engaged with the schools, and they bring a wealth of information to the Visitors and Auxiliaries as we discuss mission, grant requests, and concerns related to charism.” 

Brother Chris Patiño, FSC, as the coordinating General Councilor for the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN), is also an RCCB member. Brothers Carlos Gómez, Vicar General, and Sergio Leal, executive secretary to the General Council, are engaged in RCCB as part of RELAN’s accompanying team. 

“For decades, RELAN has shown leadership in living out the calls of our shared mission. This decision taken by the RCCB almost seems like a natural next step in deepening the relationship between Brothers and Lasallian Partners as co-guarantors of the mission,” said Brother Chris. “Additionally, this clearly responds to our most recent General Chapter’s call for governance structures ‘with greater communion, collaboration and solidarity at Regional and Institute levels.’” 

Photo caption: From left: Brother Florent Gaudreault, FSC, Brother Chris Patiño, FSC, Brother Jules “Bud” Knight, FSC, Brother Nick Gonzalez, FSC, Jim Logan, Brother Frank Byrne, FSC, Brother Michael Fehrenbach, FSC, Brother Bob Schaefer, FSC, Scott Kier, Denis de Villers, Brother Chris Brady, FSC, Brother Sergio Leal, FSC, and Brother Carlos Gómez, FSC. Not pictured: Mike Daniels