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St. Mary’s Class of 2011 Ranked Best in County

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello everyone,

The National results for the class of 2011 were released yesterday and as usual St. Mary’s is still the best school in the county. One of our students is also the best student in the county. Three of our students were also in the top 10. We improved in both position and mean score nationally.

We got a mean of 9.997 out of 12. I am very happy to report that our juniors also did us proud by scoring good grades. Nationally we are position 21 out of 7500 school. We know Brother Dominic, our fallen hero is now in heaven and is celebrating with us.

This is the class I accepted here in 2008 when Brother was admitted at Karen Hospital. Thank you to you all for supporting our noble work here. Without your ongoing support many of these young men will not have the opportunity of accessing quality education. We are now confident that these young men are going to be agents of change in our country.

God bless you all,
Brother Peter Kombe, FSC