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Support LVs in the Sweetest Run Ever!

Sweetest LVs Run Ever!Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) are preparing for the 8th Annual LVs Run and are looking for your help! This year, the LVs are partnering with the Hot Chocolate Run in Chicago, IL, on November 3, 2013, and will be participating in the 5k and 15k races. Anyone who wishes to join the effort can donate, run, or volunteer to help on race day.

Megan Davison, current LV serving in the Midwest District and a member of the 2013 LVs Run Committee, explained the importance of this fundraising event by saying, “We have been deliberate about the importance of fundraising because this money benefits our program and our service experience, which ultimately affects how we are able to best serve our students and clients. If we cannot spread the word and make the ask to have our families and friends support what we do, then how could we ask others to do the same?”

2012 LVs Run in Tulsa, OK

To coincide with the celebration of 25 years as an organization of volunteers committed to the values of faith, service, and community, the committee set a fundraising goal of $75,000 and chose a run in Chicago that would be easily accessible for those involved, including alumni, family, and friends. A pre-race dinner and mass are planned for November 2 in Chicago for anyone who would like to attend; contact Whitney Wozniak at if interested.


2007 LVs Run in Chicago, IL

2007 LVs Run in Chicago, IL

The idea for LVs Run initially came about when one LV ran in the New York City Marathon in 2006. In 2007, LVs Run began to take on a more formal existence to support the LVs as they continue to serve in areas of high need and support the educational efforts for their students and clients around the country. The 2007 LVs Run consisted of 18 LVs and friends running the Chicago Marathon and raising over $28,000. Since that year in Chicago (followed by Philadelphia, Rhode Island, Memphis, Minnesota, and Tulsa), more than $317,000 has been raised for the LVs.

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