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Three SFNO Partners are Now AFSCs

Three District of San Francisco New Orleans (SFNO) Lasallian Partners were presented with letters of affiliation by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Lawrence Puck, AFSC, president of Saint Mary’s College High School, was affiliated on May 20, 2023, in a ceremony held at the school in Berkely, California. Former SFNO formation for mission director Greg Kopra, AFSC, and former board formation director Janet Ruggiero, AFSC, received their letters in a ceremony May 27 at Mont La Salle in Napa, California.

Kopra started his Lasallian career in 1991 as a teacher and then joined the legacy San Francisco District’s office of education as director of formation for mission in 1999. Named a Distinguished Lasallian Educator in 2007, Kopra has served the District and the Region in a number of capacities and committee roles. He retired in 2022 and continue to serve as an instructor at the Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies.

Puck graduated from Saint Mary’s College High School in 1978, only to join the staff two years later. Since then, he has served in various capacities, including dean of student life, director of communications and vice president. Based on this commitment to the Lasallian mission and ongoing formation of the school’s staff, students, families and board members, Puck was appointed president in 2018, a role in which he currently serves.

Ruggiero joined the legacy District of San Francisco in 2009 as director of board formation. Through this role, she guided the District’s transition to a fully implemented Policy Governance model of organizational leadership. Retiring in 2022, she still continues to serve on the board of trustees for several Lasallian schools in the District.

Affiliation is a formal recognition and acknowledgement extended by the Institute to those persons who have supported the Brothers in their work, not only through outstanding gifts and services, but also through their professional, personal and fraternal relationship with them. In presenting to them Letters of Affiliation, the Brothers welcome and celebrate affiliates as honorary members of the Institute.

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Banner Photo: From left, Greg Kopra, AFSC, Janet Ruggiero, AFSC, and Lawrence Puck, AFSC. Courtesy SFNO