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Huether 2023


Tradition and Transformation: Aspiring to Our Legacy of Educational Excellence


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Keynote Speakers

Dr. Thomas Groome is professor of theology and religious education at Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry. He has long served as director of Boston College’s Ph.D. in Theology and Education. He is the author of nine books and a co-editor of five collections of essays. His most recent book, What Makes Education Catholic: Spiritual Foundations, received a first place award in Faith Formation from the Catholic Media Association. His books have been translated into many languages and are used widely throughout the world in graduate level courses in religious education, Catholic education and practical theology. Tom has lectured widely throughout the United States and Canada, and in some 25 different countries.  

Thomas Groome, Ed.D.

Dr. Ramsey Musallam began his career in education as a science instructor and director of inquiry and innovation at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, a Lasallian school in downtown San Francisco, where he spent 15 years. He currently serves as a science instructor at Sonoma Academy in Santa Rosa, California, and runs invention workshops for elementary and middle school students in the greater Bay Area. 

Additionally, Ramsey delivers keynotes, hosts webinars and facilitates workshops for teachers with a focus on using technology to design learning environments grounded in inquiry fueled by student curiosity. Ramsey is also the host of the Infinite Thinking Machine, an internet TV show dedicated to sharing innovative ideas for teachers and students. Ramsey’s TED Talk “3 Rules to Spark Learning” is popular with classroom teachers and was the lead talk on TED’s first PBS TV premiere, “TED Talks Education.” 

Ramsey Musallam, Ed.D.


Experiencing the turbulences of today as heirs of De La Salle requires us constantly to have fresh thinking about education. Only then will we provide a relevant education for children and young people today.

The realities of this world urge us to take proactive and not reactive positions that put us at the forefront of educational innovation.

Today as never before has it been more important to be clear about the type of society and person we want to help build, as well as the role of the educator and the school in today’s contexts.

Excerpts from the Declaration on the Lasallian Educational Mission:
Challenges, Convictions and Hopes
(2020), pages 86-88 

In 1973, under the leadership of Brother Francis Huether, FSC, a workshop was created to provide secondary school administrators a forum to address educational concerns. Now in its 50th year, and in the rich tradition and spirit of Brother Francis, the annual Huether Conference continues to serve as leaven for our Lasallian family, inspiring creative and mission-centered responses to emerging educational needs. As our educational landscape has drastically changed over the past 50 years, our ministries continue to remain steadfast and true to our Founder’s vision of providing a human and Christian education to young, especially those who are poor.

At this historic gathering, we will explore the current educational landscape, delving into the most effective approaches embraced in education today. As Lasallians, we emphasize our dedication to our shared mission by evaluating the present circumstances and acknowledging the truths they present. During our time together, we will chart a path for our educational communities to advance with clarity and hope.

Higher Education Colloquy

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Huether Lasallian Conference, the Region will host a higher education colloquy focused on Lasallian pedagogy. Educators who have a variety of experiences with and understanding of Lasallian pedagogy are invited to apply. The colloquy will offer an opportunity to exchange ideas, insights and experiences of the transformative power of Lasallian education. Participants will be enriched both professionally and spiritually as they share resources, build and strengthen networks, and further advance the body of Lasallian thought and practice.

The colloquy will start November 15 with an evening reception and conclude with dinner on November 17 at the Q Center in St. Charles, Illinois. Colloquy participants will be invited to attend select Huether events.


Contact Sarah Laitinen, director of education and formation, at or at 202-529-0047 ext.109.

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